About ESG

ESG was founded April 1, 1997, with only 30 clients and 3 internal employees. ESG has enjoyed an enviable track record of growth and stability since inception. ESG’s staff has solid professional experience throughout each area of HR practice and has been recognized by the business community as a leader.

Our clients range in size from a handful of employees to over 1,000, predominately in the Rocky Mountain Region. Typically clients that see the greatest benefit from what we do, range in size from 10 to 100 employees. Most of our clients are attracted to our services because they like the idea of outsourcing things that are distractions, and replacing those distractions with projects that can help them grow their businesses faster. In addition, the ability to offer a wider range of benefits and the opportunity to remove employer liabilities are key reasons as to why many small businesses find our services attractive.

We have seen client retention rates consistently above 95% annually. Those who use our services frequently recommend ESG to other business owners. This is the best testimony we can offer to the value our clients see in our services.

Partnering with ESG provides a staff of highly trained and educated professionals, specific to each element of employment. If you are a small company, partnering with ESG will allow you access to professional HR services without the cost of full-time professionals on payroll. ESG’s experts can help you identify and implement the human resource issues critical to your company´s success and stability, as well as provide competent human resources support.

If you are a larger company with your own internal HR staff, you can outsource the administrative side of your business to ESG and allow your organization to focus on more strategic objectives. ESG can then work with your company to develop or extend your core mission and strategy, to implement that strategy, to develop meaningful metrics, and to help you hire and train a solid core of people diligently working toward the same goals. ESG can also audit your current systems to plug any holes when it comes to being compliant with today's laws and regulations. In a nutshell, ESG can function as your advisor, as your trainer, as your consultant, as an adjunct to your existing HR staff, or as your complete outsourced provider of HR services.

Our services encompass the bulk of administrative items that every employer has to deal with, specifically with payroll/tax compliance, benefits, risk management, and human resources. We adapt to how clients need to report payroll information to us and take full responsibility for reporting and paying payroll taxes accurately. We provide a myriad of benefit plan options and administer those plans, as well as answer employee questions about their insurance coverage. We ensure each client company is covered with workers’ compensation and provide safety trainings to help minimize their exposure with safe work practices. We assist companies with the human resources issues critical to employment, from employee selection, retention and performance, to compliance with EEO, Affirmative Action, OSHA and other regulations. Our cost-effective services ease the burden of "people management" for busy owners or executives of organizations and enhance employee morale and company profitability. Consult the Services section of this web site for more details.