Employer Resource Center

ESG’s third-party providers offer services directly to your company. You have private credentials for the programs you elect. Employees have a different login process.

  Get payroll reports, invoices, handbook, HR forms, and benefits information for individual employees and your company as a whole
  Access to time-keeping and employee time records.
  Access to on-boarding forms and paperwork so you can track completion
  Get access to our broad array of online courses, including harassment, anti-discrimination, safety, performance management, and supervisory training.
  Access to background check service
  We offer a free, easy-to-use perks program to all of our clients. Contact your ESG HR Representative for login credentials to give your employees over 289,000 local and national discounts on hotels, restaurants, movie tickets, retailers, theme parks, concerts, and more
  An array of videos to learn more about the 401k plan we offer and how to enroll