Benefit Plans

Do you offer a benefit plan that attracts the best employees? How time-consuming is the plan to administer? Our access to group plans and administrative support are designed to give you robust, hassle-free benefits programs. See our list of services.

Employee benefits can be a great tool to attract the most qualified applicants, as well as retain and motivate your best talent. ESG provides access to multiple employee benefit plans at a cost much lower than if you provided them on your own. Our service goes way beyond that though, as we take the hassles associated with offering and administering benefits off your plate. Using our benefits administration services, the time and cost savings will begin to mount before you know it, allowing you more time to run your business.

In addition to leveraging our size and experience to provide our clients and their employees with comprehensive benefit plans at affordable rates, ESG will provide the following administrative duties:

  • Handle benefits enrollment for all eligible employees
  • Conduct annual open enrollment meetings and provide written education to help employees make the best choices for themselves and their families
  • Respond to all employee benefit questions
  • "Go to bat" for employees in situations where disputes arise
  • Take care of all benefit plan testing, reporting and audit requirements to ensure compliance
  • Perform the mundane reconciliation of benefits invoices

Our benefits administration services are powered by our benefits administration system, a proprietary tool that offers you the ability to create an unlimited number of benefit types, apply benefits to the appropriate employees based on user-defined eligibility criteria, and then integrate employees and employer costs associated with each benefit to payroll deductions.

Our benefits administration system includes the following features:

  • Seamless integration with other system functions to make the administration of employee benefits an easily managed and seamless task
  • Redundant backup and system security to guard against errors and failures
  • A Benefits Master Record for each benefit in the organization, allowing for the definition of eligibility rules, options, and employee/employer costs for each benefit
  • Automatic notification of changes, ensuring system integrity, and data consistency and quality
  • Automatic notification of eligibility changes

Using ESG’s benefits administration services, the time and cost savings will begin to mount before you know it, putting dollars back in your pocket and allowing you more time to run your business.

Offering a 401(k) program to your employees can be both rewarding and terrifying. We offer tremendous investment options, simple enrollment forms, employee-friendly statements, anytime access to account information through Internet or telephone connection, and voluntary flexible matching options.

With ESG, these worries disappear. We can deliver tremendous investment options (70 different funds), simple enrollment forms, employee-friendly statements, and anytime access to account information through Internet or telephone connection. All funds offered for investments are no-load (front or back end) and carry minimal expense fees.

In addition, ESG can provide the following 401(k) plan requirements:

  • All testing (ADP, Top Heavy, etc.)
  • Assumption of fiduciary liability for the accurate and timely movement of employee contributions and employer match dollars
  • Annual plan audits
  • 5500 returns (complete and submit)
  • Enrollment and education materials
  • Flexible match options to accommodate your preferences
  • Profit-sharing option for additional contributions by owner and other highly-compensated individuals who wish to maximize pre-tax contributions