Payroll Processing

Is running payroll turning into a full-time headache? Our turnkey services can put hours back in your day and money back in your pocket. See our list of services designed to give you efficient, compliant payrolls.

ESG provides its clients with a turnkey set of payroll services. We process your payroll, pay the associated payroll taxes, issue your payroll reports, and do all of the associated government reporting. And if the IRS comes knocking, it’s on our door. All you have to do is report the hours. Here are the top 10 reasons companies choose ESG for their payroll services:

Top 10 Reasons Companies Choose ESG for their Payroll Services:

  1. ESG has a proven track record of outstanding payroll services and 100% compliance with IRS regulations. Our clients have over a 95% retention rate
  2. When you have a question for your Payroll Representative, your call is answered by a person, not a machine – and your Payroll Rep is the same person every time, meaning your payroll needs are truly understood.
  3. Our advanced payroll system handles payroll tax administration for employees in nearly every city, county, and state in the United States. Companies that have employees working in multiple states can outsource their payroll needs to ESG and rest assured that their payroll taxes are being calculated, paid, and reported accurately.
  4. ESG’s advanced payroll system integrates smoothly with time clock feeds and multiple database downloads for seamless payroll administration.
  5. Don’t have a time keeping system? ESG has an optional web-based payroll time entry system available for your payroll time keeping needs.
  6. When you outsource your payroll administration to ESG, your payroll concerns disappear. Hours are digitally transmitted, paychecks are direct deposited, PTO is automatically accounted for, and your employees can finally depend on accurate and timely payments.
  7. ESG has a web-based portal for your internal administrator to view the employer payroll reports and payroll processing records, and your employees can regularly view their paystubs, PTO accruals, and other payroll administration questions online.
  8. ESG’s payroll services can handle even the most difficult of payroll processing, including job costing, certified payrolls, Davis-Bacon wages, garnishments, PTO accruals, and any other payroll requirement you have.
  9. ESG treats its payroll department right. We’ve won multiple awards for our workplace flexibility and family-friendly work environment, meaning our payroll staff is courteous, friendly, and ready to process your payroll without having to worry about personal needs not being met.
  10. Se habla español. ESG has bilingual staff in each department that can field your payroll, benefits, and human resources questions in either Spanish or English.

ESG provides its clients with a turnkey set of payroll services. By working with ESG, you can truly remove yourself from the many responsibilities and liabilities associated with payroll. ESG’s payroll application is comprehensive, highly secure, easy to implement, and extremely user friendly. Coupled with our deep experience and expertise, this powerful, flexible system enables us to manage expertly even the toughest and most specialized payroll challenges without errors or omissions.

Features include:

  • An intuitive interface for easy access to Employee History File information
  • A complete online history of all entries, deductions, taxes, and checks for every employee
  • User-defined formulas or rules, such as unlimited custom pay codes, each with its own special processing rules, tax instructions and G/L controls
  • Master files for each type of deduction, defining how the deduction is calculated, its tax effect, and rules for limits, arrears, and balances
  • Flexible payroll export options